Republican Nominations

Changing the Republican Nominations Process

Republican nominations

The current system of Republican nominations is broken and needs reform. It doesn’t reflect the values and interests of the majority of Republicans, and the process empowers a small group of individuals that don’t represent the party’s core. The Republican Party needs to reinvent the nomination process to be representative of the party and to restore the party’s vitality and competitiveness.

A different presidential nomination process would involve the Republican Party staging its own primary elections. This would require significant money and effort, but the results would be much better than the current system. Rank-and-file Republicans would be happy to contribute small amounts to stage the election, as it would increase their influence. And the process would be free from the corruption and inefficiency of the current process.

The media has a major role to play in primary elections. In the past, journalists voted overwhelmingly Democratic, and they are often the ones who declare which candidates have the momentum. Now, the extensive televised debates have given reporters even more power. They not only ask the candidates questions, but also referee arguments between the candidates.

Changing the Republican nomination process would improve the quality of nominations and make them more deliberative. It would also help the party to pick the best candidates, rather than having the majority choose one candidate over the other. In addition, it would restore the importance of local and state party organizations.