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CBC’s Nick Purdon goes behind the scenes with Canadians who swear microdosing magic mushrooms has helped them overcome mental health concerns and researchers trying to figure out how it works.

Third Eye Microdose mushroom enthusiasts say they use the psilocybin in mushrooms for a wide variety of reasons. But, like other drugs that alter the brain, magic mushrooms can be very intense and cause people to experience life differently than they normally would. They can also be intimidating for first-time users. So, before you dive into this world of mind-bending effects, it’s important to educate yourself about what to expect.

One such source of information is the website BuyMushrooms. It’s an online marketplace that allows you to purchase a variety of mushroom strains and extracts, including psilocybin. The site offers a variety of safe payment methods, including cash app and secured credit card transactions. It also uses trusted shipping services to ensure your privacy and safety.

The Rise of Microdosing: How Small Doses of Mushrooms are Making a Big Impact

But despite the growing popularity of mushroom products, some state lawmakers want to put an end to this type of unregulated operation. They’re hoping to discourage informal guides like Ryan by establishing a new system of regulation for psilocybin, including training and licensing for facilitators.

For now, state officials have tasked the Natural Medicine Advisory Board with setting these policies. But the board has just started meeting, and its recommendations won’t likely be ready until next spring or summer. In the meantime, companies like Mush Luv continue to offer up a selection of magic mushroom products in Canada. And they’re gaining popularity among people who are worried about the side effects of traditional pharmacological treatments for mental health issues.

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