How to Use a Propane Leak Detector

propane leak detector

Propane leak detectors can be dangerous as they displace oxygen in a confined space. It is also very flammable and can cause explosions. A propane leak detector will alert you to a gas leak so you can take the appropriate steps to prevent an explosion. This type of combustible gas leak detector is also useful for homes with propane appliances, RVs and campers. Most propane leak detectors are designed to detect the presence of propane and other combustible gases such as butane and kerosene. They are also often designed to alarm or beep when a gas is detected. They are typically mounted on a bulkhead and positioned low to the floor as propane is heavier than air.

Stay Safe and Secure: The Vital Role of Propane Leak Detectors in Home Protection

The easiest way to detect a propane leak is to smell it. Propane manufacturers add an additive to their product that makes it have a very distinctive, bad odor. If you notice this odor you should turn off your propane supply valve, open all of the windows and doors and call your local propane supplier or professional for help.

A propane leak detector is a great investment for any home with propane appliances or an RV or camper with propane tanks or a propane fire pit. These are often hardwired devices that connect with a system panel through a wired connection and will automatically activate whenever they sense a propane leak. You can also purchase these at most hardware stores or online. If you do not want to invest in a propane leak detector you can use a solution such as soapy water or a glycerin/water mixture to check for a leak. Slowly open the propane tank service valve and look for bubbles, if they appear you have a leak.

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