Optimize Your Customer Digital Journey From Awareness to Fulfillment

The Customer digital journey is all about how your customers experience and interact with your product, whether that’s an online website, mobile app, in-store tablet, call centre or social media platform. It encompasses all the ways your customers engage with you, including their actions, emotions, needs and motivations.

What are the 5 stages of the digital customer journey?

Awareness: Customers recognize that they have a need, and they start doing research. This can be triggered by word of mouth, influencers, social media or search engine suggestions. It’s at this stage that brands should deliver educational content to help customers diagnose their problem, compare products and decide which solution would be best for them. At this point, the focus should be on helping the customer alleviate their pain point, not on pushing them toward a purchase decision.

Consideration: After a period of researching and comparing products, the customer begins to commit to a specific brand. They’re likely to visit your online website and interact with chatbots, free trials, demos or webinars. They might also check pricing, discounts and online reviews. It’s at this stage that you can improve website usability, make it easy to pay and activate omnichannel purchasing methods like guest checkout and headless check out.

Fulfillment: Once the purchase is complete, the product should work as expected and include strong support. It’s also an opportunity to build loyalty by leveraging digital analytics to personalize pages, offer rewards and promote advocacy.

A seamless, unified customer experience across channels is essential to growing your business. That’s why it’s important to optimize your customer digital journey at every stage from awareness through advocacy.

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