Fallen Angels Names List

Fallen angel names ¬†might believe fallen angels are not evil but rather expelled from Heaven and lost God’s grace. They are therefore looked down upon by other angels and treated as outcasts. They also cannot return to Heaven and are thus called dark angels or fallen angels. These angels are known by different names that have been gathered from various religions, mythologies and religious lore over the centuries.

Unveiling Darkness: A Comprehensive List of Fallen Angels and Their Names

Some of the most common fallen angels names list ¬†names are Abaddon, a destroyer of worlds, Armaros who teaches the “resolving of enchantments” and Asmodeus, king of the earthly spirits known as jinn or shedim in Judeo-Islamic lore. Other names include Aamon who knows the past and future, Asmoday, demon of wrath and Balam, one of the worst demons. These fallen angels are male, though there are some female fallen angels who were also expelled from Heaven such as Lillith (who some think was Adam’s first wife before Eve).

Delving into the world of fallen angels unlocks many mysteries and reveals insights about the dynamics between good and evil and divine justice. It also provides the reader with a glimpse into the complex relationships of these celestial rebels and their profound impact on humanity’s history. These fallen angels are often invoked in rituals of magic and witchcraft and may even be the reason some practitioners have been able to achieve certain goals, or even heal. Some of these fallen angels are even the source of some of our most sacred and sacred texts.

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