Types of MUGA Pitch Turf

MUGA pitch turf

A MUGA pitch turf is a multi-use sports surface that can be used for a variety of different games. There are a wide range of different surfaces that can be built for this purpose and they all differ in their construction methods, how many different sports they can support, their longevity and the level of shock absorbency they offer.

The MUGA construction that you choose will depend on the range of sports you want to play on it and your budget requirements. One of the earliest types is the Type 1 MUGA which is constructed from porous macadam. This is usually laid in 2 layers – the binding base layer that offers strength and stability and the playing surface layer. The macadam can then be marked with lines to mark out the different courts or pitches that are to be installed on it. If desired, a coloured anti-slip coating can be added to the surface.

The Ultimate Guide to MUGA Pitch Turf: Benefits, Installation, and Maintenance

Another option for MUGA construction is a sand-dressed surface. This is a softer, sand-filled system that is often used for hockey. However, it can be a good choice for general multi-use areas too, especially if you plan to use it for football and rugby.

The last option is a polymeric surface which is designed with traction and grip in mind. This is best suited for contact sports like netball, basketball and 5-a-side football, but can also be suitable for some aspects of athletics. Polymeric surfaces are usually built from EPDM and/or SBR rubber granules that are mixed with a polyurethane binder to form a mixture that is then laid on top of the macadam surface.

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