Aluminium Window Manufacturers Near Me

aluminium window manufacturers near me

The aluminium window manufacturers near me are a combination of specialist extruders, powder coaters and rubber seal suppliers. All these elements of a window work together to provide an integrated system. The systems companies then make windows combining their profiles with the glass, internal and external trims or fixings. This leaves the window itself being made based on the design or style and it’s here that the brand names really come into play.

The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Energy-Efficient Aluminum Windows

There are a number of systems companies operating in the UK. Many of them have decades of aluminium experience and are often part of global groups. This gives them an advantage as the quality and production standards across their network of aluminium manufactures are very high. This means you can rest assured that your new aluminium windows will meet the technical specifications and requirements stipulated in Building Regulations.

For example all exterior aluminium windows are now ‘thermally broken’ and as such will have a high window energy rating (U-Value). They also have to meet the current PAS24 and Secured by Design requirements, ensuring your home is well protected.

This level of quality and testing ensures that even if you purchase a more budget brand, your new aluminium windows will still be of the highest possible standard. In reality, the only time problems are seen with aluminium windows is when they have been incorrectly fitted or installed. This is often down to the installer rather than a fault with the design or manufacturing.

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