Slab Foundation Repair Methods

slab foundation repair methods

Many people choose slab foundations for their homes because of the easier accessibility. This design allows for fewer obstacles in the home, which is helpful for families with small children. However, this style of foundation is more susceptible to shifting and settling soils because it doesn’t provide a solid barrier between the house and the ground below. Luckily, there are several slab foundation repair methods that can help to fix this problem.

The most common FCS slab foundation repair methods is slab jacking or concrete leveling. This is when experts drill into your slab foundation, then inject high-density foam that expands to lift the slab. The injection holes are patched and sealed once the foam has hardened. This is one of the most cost-effective slab foundation repair methods, and it also provides an immediate solution to sinking or heaving soils. However, this technique does not fix the root cause of your problems and it is only a temporary solution.

The Art of Restoring Slab Foundations: Techniques, Tips, and More

Another popular slab foundation repair method is pier support. Pier support uses pressed concrete pilings, steel piers, or bell bottom piers to stabilize and raise your slab foundation. These piers are installed under your foundation, and they provide long-term stability and are more effective than slab jacking.

While slab foundation repairs can be a great option for homeowners, it’s important to keep an eye out for warning signs. Some of the most common signs that your slab foundation is in need of repair include:

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