Aviator Angola

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The airport management company that oversees Angola’s civilian airports, the National Company of Airport Development and Air Navigation (ENANA), has been restructured into two companies. The new company, the National Society of Airport Management (SGA), is responsible for airport operations while the other, ENNA, will manage air navigation services. The new structure will enable each of the companies to focus on their core competencies.

It can be difficult to rent a car in Angola due to poor road conditions and high levels of car-jacking. A better option is to take advantage of the numerous taxi companies that operate in the country, many of which offer four-wheel drive vehicles. Eco Tur (+244-912-501-387), for example, offers rental cars with drivers, while B Home (+244-222-264-424) provides airport pick-ups and rentals.

Discovering the Rich History of Aviator Angola: From Pioneers to Present Day

Rail transport in Angola is provided by three separate administrators, all of which report to the Ministry of Transport. The government has established the Angola National Institute of Railroad (INFCA), which sets regulations and standards for railroad operations and holds enforcement authority.

A plan was developed to connect the Benguela and Mocamedes railway lines so that they could transport cargo throughout southern Africa. The project was delayed due to budget cuts but a tender has been issued to select a contractor for the Lobito corridor, which will run from Luanda to Namibe and Menongue. The consortium bidding on the contract has a strong presence in the energy sector and is expected to be able to handle large volumes of cargo.

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