How to Find the Best Tea Shop on the Upper West Side

Best tea shop

Beste thee winkel is a centuries-old drink with a rich history. Many fine purveyors are enhancing the experience with tasting salons and boutiques that celebrate tea ceremonies and drinking in an elegant way.

For the best tea shop, look for one that sells high-quality loose-leaf tea and is a destination for customers who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of a well-made cup. Some of these tea shops also offer classes and other events. A few other tips: Look for a tea shop that works directly with tea farms or estates to source their teas. This allows them to provide detailed information about each tea, including how it was harvested and its history. A tea company that also offers large sachets instead of small tea bags will often have better-tasting tea because the full leaves are able to expand and release more flavor.

Tea Lovers’ Paradise: A Guide to the Best Tea Shops in Your City

Another great option is to find a tea company that offers discounts for returning customers or free samples so you can try out new varieties. Look for a tea shop that has reviews from customers and ratings for each tea, as well as educational resources about each type of tea. Some of my favorites are Rishi Tea, whose teas come in reusable glass bottles, and Vahdam Tea, which sells garden-fresh Indian teas.

For a truly unique experience, check out Floating Mountain, a Chinese tea room on the Upper West Side. This quiet oasis is known for its calming atmosphere and the meditative gongfu style of tea service. Its secluded location, serene setting, and beautiful handmade teaware make this place a must-visit. Its menu features a highly-curated selection of Chinese teas but it also offers private tea tastings with rarer “off-menu” teas that its owners Theresa Wong and Hyun Lee have procured in limited quantities.

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