How to Choose the Right Electrical Wiring

Types of electrical wiring for Kuala Lumpur house, Whether you’re installing an electrical circuit or adding more lighting to your home, the right electrical wire is essential. Incorrectly selecting a type of electrical wire can result in fire hazards and even cost you more when it comes to your home insurance premium. To ensure that you’re getting the best electrical wire for your needs, here are some basic terms, labeling, and coding that will make your trip to the hardware store that much easier.

What are the 3 types of electrical wires?

Knowing the right gauge for your electrical wiring is essential to ensure that it’s able to safely handle the current needed for your project. The gauge is a measure of the size of the conductor. It’s important to note that larger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to electrical wiring gauges. It all depends on your specific application and the current requirements of the circuit you’re working with.

The color code of electrical wire is also important to understand. This indicates the purpose of each wire and can help you identify which one is which. For instance, black indicates a hot wire that’s carrying electricity and is used to power receptacles, switches, and appliances. White is the neutral wire and green or bare indicates a ground wire that’s creating a path for electricity to return back to your breaker or fuse in case of a fault.

Electrical wires are usually made of copper but can also be made of aluminum or a combination of the two. Copper is preferred because it is more conductive than aluminum and won’t degrade over time. When choosing copper, look for tinned copper, which is less susceptible to corrosion.

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