How to Get Rid of a Cell Phone Ticket

Cell Phone ticket

Getting a Cell Phone ticket can be costly and will cause your insurance rates to rise for years to come. Hiring a Connecticut traffic ticket attorney who understands the intricacies of cell phone driving laws is an important first step to getting your ticket dismissed or reduced.

While it is always best to remain hands-free with your cell phone while driving, there are some situations where handling a cell phone may be legal such as calling 911 while in motion or making a call using voice activation while stopped in an emergency situation. In other cases a simple argument of lawful use could be enough to get your case dismissed in court by an experienced lawyer like Leon Matchin.

Distracted Driving Consequences: What to Know About Cell Phone Tickets

In New York a conviction of a Cell Phone violation can result in 5 driver violation points being added to your license. If you have six or more points on your record within 18 months, a driver’s license suspension will occur. In addition to any fines, New York drivers must also pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee that begins at $300 for 6 points.

The State must prove that a driver was engaged in a phone conversation or texting and driving at the trial court level. This is a higher burden than the standard beyond a reasonable doubt that is required to convict someone of any other traffic offense. The judge at a trial court hearing/trial will be looking for a few main things such as whether the car was moving and if the device was in the operator’s hand.

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