Pickup Truck Seat Covers For 2023

truck seat covers

Truck seat covers are at the heart of many businesses, from construction sites and gas stations to e-commerce and delivery trucks. That means they take a beating from dirty jeans, oily toolboxes and even stray drips of ketchup. Fortunately, seat covers help protect your truck’s seats from the elements. They can also add a bit of style, making your vehicle stand out amongst the crowd at the job site or the mall parking lot. Whether you’re protecting new seats from future hazards or looking to give your pickup a refresh, we’ve got the best truck seat covers for 2023 to keep you covered.

If you’re after a more camo-like look, this set from Carhartt has you covered. Its duck-weave fabric is water-resistant and can be hosed down if it gets too soaked, while the foam backing offers comfort. It’s custom fit to your specific truck and comes in a variety of colors, plus it has headrest covers for added protection.

Upgrade Your Truck’s Interior: Discover the Best Seat Covers for Maximum Style and Protection

For a more luxurious upgrade, try these covers from CalTrend. Foam backing and a faux-leather material combine to make these covers one of the most comfortable upgrades you can make to your truck. They’re made with reinforced seams to resist mildew and stains, plus they come in four different color combinations and are backed by two years of warranty.

For those who want a more basic style, this set from Luckyman Club is a great option. It fits a wide range of Ram trucks and includes front and back covers to provide full coverage for your seats. They’re made with neoprene and are fairly easy to install.

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