Stylish and Functional Football Leg Sleeve Socks

Athletes are utilizing compression leg sleeves and compression long socks to increase blood flow, reduce fatigue and aid recovery. This is a big win for the sport and can help players perform at a higher level with less muscle soreness after the game.

Stylish & Functional

These football leg football leg sleeve socks are made with a soft cotton blend that provides a compressive fit and stays put while you run. They also have a “scrunch” look to them and are NCAA and NFHS compliant!

Comfortable Fit

These soccer calf sleeves provide ideal compression thanks to their stretchy material. They protect your legs from sun, irritation, and turf burn while keeping them cool and dry.

Football Sleeve Socks on the Market: A Comprehensive Review

These calf sleeve socks are available in Medium (Women’s Shoe Size 5-10, Men’s Shoe Size 5-9) and Large (Women’s Shoe Size 10-13, Men’s Shoe Size 9-12). They are perfect for youth or adult players.


These leg sleeves are great for adult and youth players who wear grip socks and shin guards while playing football. They are designed to slide over your shin guard for added protection during games. Our soccer shin guard leg sleeves do not come with shin guards, but you can easily add them using the provided sizing tabs. They are a must have for any player who wants to be protected while they play their favorite sport.

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