How to Use a Bot Checker to Block Bad Bots From Accessing Your Site

bot checker

Bot mitigation are a key threat to any online business. They can cause a range of problems, from website slowdowns and outages to cyberattacks that damage your reputation and financials.

Detecting and blocking bad bots requires specialized techniques to identify and block them, while still allowing good bots and authorized partner bots access to your site. The process is known as bot mitigation and can be complicated, especially if you don’t have the expertise.

In addition to identifying the source of bot traffic, you can also look for certain patterns that indicate that it is coming from an untrusted source. For example, if your site receives a lot of activity from a region that is different from the one your typical customer base lives in, this is likely to be a sign of malicious bot traffic.

Mitigating the Risks of Bot Attacks: Best Practices and Strategies

A high number of hits from the same IP within a very short period of time could be indicative of bot traffic, too. This is because bots are programmed to generate a unique visitor ID that can be used for future detection.

The next step is to fingerprint this visitor ID and compare it with other similar visitor IDs. The software can then use these comparisons to block the bot.

Challenge and Test Based Detection

CAPTCHAs are one of the most popular ways to prevent bot traffic. However, they’re no longer enough to stop more sophisticated attacks that are designed to mimic human behavior. You should look for a more robust solution that incorporates a combination of challenges, tests, and other features like device fingerprinting, data enrichment, and velocity rules to help you identify bot traffic and block it.

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