Best Credit Cards For Building Credit

The best credit cards for building credit offer a variety of benefits that will help you establish and rebuild your credit. These include low fees, monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus and free credit scores so you can monitor your progress.

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Those with no credit history can get started by applying for a starter card or becoming an authorized user on someone else’s account. Then, you’ll want to start making payments on time each month to establish a good payment history and begin to build your credit.

You can also get unsecured credit improving credit cards for people with fair or bad credit, although those typically come with very small credit limits and may require you to pay a security deposit. These cards are great options for consumers who have little or no credit history and need to rebuild their scores, but you can’t expect rich rewards like you would with a card designed for consumers with good-to-excellent credit.

Secured Cards for Building Credit

One of the best secured credit cards for people with bad credit is the Discover it(r) Secured Credit Card. This card requires a cash security deposit, but it offers a number of useful features that set it apart from other cards. For instance, this card automatically reviews your account for possible upgrades to an unsecured card once you’ve established a favorable payment history.

Student Credit Cards for Building Credit

College students have a wide range of credit card options available to them, including student credit cards that don’t require a security deposit and prepaid cards for tuition costs. These are a great option for students who have no or limited credit history and want to take the first steps toward building credit.

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