Cannabis Store in Lowell, MA – Iconic Cannabis Company

Cannabis Store Lowell

When it comes to the Cannabis Store Lowell, MA, Iconic Cannabis Company has been a go to for high end quality bud. This shop is a bit of a showpiece and their selection of cannabis products is top notch. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they are happy to help you out.

One thing that Iconic Cannabis has done well is educating the public on their product. Whether you’re looking for the perfect smoke or something a little more medicinal, you’ll find it at this shop. They also offer a good selection of accessories and vape pens. For a complete list of their offerings, check out their website.

As with any cannabis store, Iconic Cannabis offers the complete package. In addition to great selection and customer service, the store also boasts a state of the art dispensary. It is located next to the Sonesta Select off rotary in Lowell. There is also a lounge that serves up a tasty menu of libations.

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While the store may not have the most comprehensive selection of bud, they do a good job of keeping their customers happy. Their staff is top notch and the store is laid out in a way that the entire family can enjoy the experience. You might even get lucky and score some perks like complimentary coffee and tea.

While you’re there, check out the American Textile History Museum, Boott Cotton Mills Museum and the Merrimack River.

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