Early Intervention SC Screening Tool

Developing a successful early intervention sc toolkit required the research team to consider the process. This included the steps, the benefits, and the limitations. The interdisciplinary team was comprised of child development experts and psychiatric mental health researchers.

What are the 6 concepts of early intervention?

A pilot screening intervention was developed for SCs in one southeastern U.S. agency. This included education modules and decision aids. The decision aids included scripts and referral protocols to help SCs conduct screenings with parents. The intervention was based on recommendations from the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. The intervention was rolled out to SCs at a second agency, three months after the pilot.

The interdisciplinary team gathered input from SCs and supervisory personnel at both sites. They also held focus groups. The research team evaluated the benefits of the screening tool and identified potential motivators. They also developed a long-term action plan to create service coordinator competencies with a quality indicator component.

The SC Stakeholder Group identified knowledge and skills required to provide high quality SC services. They narrowed down the list of items to those applicable to all service coordinators. This included the CFIR (collaboration, functional, information, and reflection) model. The model is a four-stage process, beginning with planning, executing, reflecting, and evaluating.

The research team considered the CFIR model as a framework to analyze the benefits and limitations of the intervention. The CFIR model is designed to identify and evaluate the most effective and efficient interventions. The model includes the following: defining, evaluating, delivering, and measuring.

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