Michigan Distillery Tours

Whether you’re looking for a good cocktail, a new spirit, or simply want to learn more about the distilling process, Michigan distilleries offer tours and samplings.

THE 10 BEST Michigan Distilleries (with Photos)

Michigan’s distilleries create a wide variety of spirits, from gin to vodka, to whiskey. They use locally grown grains and fruits to help stimulate the economy. They also support local farmers and maltsters.

Michigan distilleries are becoming increasingly popular as more people want to know where their favorite spirits are distilled. The state ranks third in the number of craft distilleries nationwide. As of 2019, there are nearly 40 distilleries in Michigan.

Michigan distillery are a vital part of the state’s economy. They contribute $102 billion to the state’s agricultural economy and stimulate the state’s economy as a whole. They are also contributing to the state’s $22 billion Pure Michigan tourism industry.

Michigan distilleries are taking advantage of their agricultural heritage and using local ingredients to set themselves apart from the rest. The state’s distilleries are becoming a tourist attraction in their own right. Many people travel from neighboring states to sample their favorite distilleries. The owners of the distilleries hope that their customers will experience the passion and love that goes into the production of their spirits.

The Michigan Craft Distillers Association has formed a common voice on legislative and promotional issues. Members include more than two dozen craft distilleries. They define “craft” distillers as those who use local ingredients to produce their products.

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